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Your Well-Being Matters: Coping With A Diagnosis

Hearing that you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with a chronic condition is stressful. You may feel fear, regret, anger, and denial – which are normal.

If you need some extra help, these simple tips can help you start managing life successfully despite the condition.


Learn as much as possible. Find out as much as you can about the condition.

Search for national associations that focus on the condition, contact your local library, check out community resources, and ask your doctor for suggestions of other books and resources.

When you know what to expect, you’ll feel more in control of the situation.


Manage your health care providers. Prepare for your doctor visits in advance by writing down a list of concerns or questions.

Understand what your insurance plan covers, and find out if there are ways to reduce the cost of prescriptions.

Consider gathering copies of your tests and records as you go, to build your own record of your condition.


Get support. If you or your loved one needs additional support, WebMD, LifeNet and Mental Health Today, and can offer counseling and referral services.

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Tips for Eating Healthy and Healthy Habits for Living

Tips for Eating Healthy

All of us can benefit from eating a wide variety of healthy foods with moderate portions. Consider these tips for eating more healthy foods:

Fit in whole grains. Whole grains are grains that haven’t been refined by having nutrients removed in the milling process. So, they are better sources of fiber and other important nutrients, such as selenium, potassium, and magnesium.

Get more whole grains in your diet by substituting whole wheat bread for white bread, brown rice for white rice, and whole wheat or oat flour for up to half the recipe in flour-based recipes.

Get your protein from a variety of foods. Meat, fish, beans, and nuts are all good sources of protein.

Lean meat choices include round steak, top sirloin, and ground beef labeled at least “90% lean”, as well as pork loin and tenderloin and chicken without the skin.

Especially healthy fish choices include salmon, trout, and herring, because they have omega-3 fatty acids.

Beans can be substituted for meat regularly – try black beans and rice, hummus, or stir-fried tofu.

Healthy Habits for Living

Are You Protecting What’s Important?

Small everyday choices can have a big impact on our long-term health. When you consistently eat breakfast, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, make time for exercise, and nurture your social connections, you feel better and have more energy.

Studies show that when you develop healthy habits like these, you are actually boosting your chances of living a healthy and happy life.

Lifelong healthy habits can also help you reduce your risk for certain ongoing conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

If you already have an ongoing condition, you can improve your health status by developing and maintaining healthy habits.

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Are You At Risk For Diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects how the body uses sugar or glucose. Left untreated, diabetes can lead to many serious health problems, including stroke, heart disease, and foot and eye complications.

Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in children and young adults, and Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes found in adults, although it can develop at any age. “Pre-diabetics” have blood glucose levels that are higher than normal, but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

For some pre-diabetics, early detection followed by weight reduction of 5%-10% and 30 minutes a day of physical exercise is enough to return their blood glucose levels to the normal range. If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, you too can benefit from eating healthy and regular exercise.

NOTE:  The optimal level of blood sugar (glucose) when fasting is less than 100mg/dL, and less than 130mg/dL if you are not fasting.

The American Diabetes Association estimates that in 2007 at least 5.7 million Americans had pre-diabetes, but didn’t even know it. An alarming prediction is that the total number of adults in the U.S. with both diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes is anticipated to be 25.4 million in 2011, 32.6 million in 2021, and 37.7 million in 2031.

Regular health screenings will help you identify risks to your health early while you can still make changes to delay or prevent a medical condition like diabetes. The American Diabetes Association has some valuable tools and resources and you will find plenty of links to more in-depth information on a variety of topics and issues regarding diabetes.

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The Symbiotic Diet Has Been Unleashed to the Masses!

A Breakthrough in Healthy Natural Sustainable Fat Loss

Groundbreaking, Scientifically Validated, Natural, Patented Technology is Available Today!

The Symbiotic Diet

* Proven to Improve Brain Function

* Proven to Enhance Optimal Health

* Proven to Elevate Mood So You Feel Great While You Lose Weight!

Why is The Symbiotic Diet Different?

  • Over 20 Clinical Trials done to date
  • Over 400 Research Papers written about our product
  • Over 40 Years of Research on the product
  • It is a Patented Product
  • It’s 100% All Natural

The Science is SimpleThe Symbiotic Diet Works

New products always seem to come with lots of hype. No hype here, just simple science. Your brain controls or stimulates every bodily function.

Have you tried everything from appetite suppressants, water pills, laxatives, low calorie/low fat/low carb diets, fat and carb blockers, aggressive colon cleansers and more?

There’s a very simple reason why you’ve been unable to achieve success:

  • Your body is programmed to survive
  • Weight loss contradicts this pre-programmed function
  • This is why 95% of all diets may work for a short time, but ultimately fail

Greater Self Control, Reduce Cravings

No More Diet Plans

–> No More Diet Plans

–>No More Calorie Counting

–> No More Points System

–> No More Meal Plans

–> No More Yo-Yo Diets

The Symbiotic Diet Name

The name originates from the symbiotic relationships we see in nature, such as the bird that rides on the back of the hippo. The hippo provides the bird with protection and the bird provides relief to the hippo by picking off parasites.

This is called a symbiotic relationship.

The Symbiotic Diet Relationship

The relationship that “symbiotic” has with “diet” is represented in the relationship our brain has with our stomach.The unique factor associated with The Symbiotic Diet is that it focuses on the brain.

The Symbiotic Diet and The Focus On The Brain

Dr. Kenneth Blum, who discovered the RDS Gene (Reward Deficiency Syndrome) which is responsible for addictive behaviors, stated “Controlling excessive cravings for food starts in and is regulated by your brain and must be permitted by your genes.”The good news is that The Symbiotic Diet corrects this. It gives the body permission to release fat.It is “body friendly” and the patented, natural formula makes weight loss healthy and sustainable.

Two Men Devoted to a Lifetime of Study

Lifetime of Study





Kenneth Blum Ph.D. is a world class researcher. He discovered the alcoholism gene ten years before publication of the Human Genome Project, explaining why one-third of the population has a gene deficiency that drives them to overcome their chemical imbalance by consuming alcohol, sugar, carbohydrates, illegal drugs, prescription pain killers or other compulsive behavior.

Bill Downs B.Sc. is a nutritional biochemist, an expert in diet, digestion, nutrition science and biological chemistry. He has an unsurpassed knowledge of how nutrients help the body heal.

Together, these men have formulated the first breakthrough in natural, sustainable fat loss. And, quite simply, all evidence supports the premise that The Symbiotic Diet will work for you!

The Symbiotic Diet And Your Success

The next logical step would be to hear from those who have used The Symbiotic Diet.

If anyone reading this article has tried The Symbiotic Diet, please post your comments below.

livethesource Business Overview – Is the livethesource Network Marketing Opportunity Right for You?

There are several things you need to consider when reviewing a network marketing business opportunity, such as: 

  • Leadership
  • Product
  • Business Model
  • Training
  • Compensation Plan

The following is a review of livethesource, including their executive team, products, method of business, training and compensation plan. 

The livethesource Leadership 


Most recently, Ted was a pioneer in the antioxidant beverage business, where, as founder and CEO of Purple Beverage Company, Inc., he oversaw the development of its well-received functional beverage. He broke new ground in the direct marketing industry partnering with a pay-per-call giant and creating the second largest fulfillment house in the industry.Ted’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to feature articles in numerous publications, including Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, to name a few. 

John Neubauer - Co-Founder, President & COOJOHN S. NEUBAUER – CO-FOUNDER, PRESIDENT AND COO 

John has many years of experience in direct sales. He’s managed a number of manufacturing and sales companies and served as COO of Herbalife International – now at $2.4B in annual sales. He was a formerly associated with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in the Tax and Corporate Finance Departments handling mergers and acquisitions, turnarounds and bankruptcies.John holds a diploma from the University of Madrid, a BA from Ripon College and an MBA from the Gradziadio School of Business at Pepperdine University. 

Paul Pecianti - Co-Founder & President of Global SalesPAUL JOHN PECCIANTI – CO-FOUNDER, PRESIDENT OF GLOBAL SALES 

Well experienced in direct sales, most recently, Paul served as co-owner of Greatness in Giving, an organization that provides philanthropic and strategic services to a variety of International clients. He was VP of the Eastern United States for Cambridge Plan International, a weight management program with one of the largest first-year sales in Direct Sales history- $500M. He was a Founding Executive and President of Global Sales for Starlight International, an international marketer of nutraceuticals that was taken to $12M a month and VP of Global Sales for Nikken, a global wellness company where sales reached $1.9B. 


With over 25 years in the recorded music industry, Art’s worked with many famous celebrities. As EVP of Capitol Records, Inc., he worked with artists like Paul McCartney, the Beatles catalogue, Bonnie Raitt, Radiohead, Bob Seger and the Beastie Boys, to name a few. As SVP of MCA Music Entertainment Group, he presided over $1B in revenues in their publishing, merchandising and venue/amphitheatre facility management business segments. Art holds a CPA in the State of New York and was educated at Bernard Baruch College, City University of New York. 

Bob Ellis - Co-Founder & DirectorBOB ELLIS – CO-FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR 

Talk about music and it’s likely you’re going to mention a celebrity associated with Bob. A legend in the industry, he developed the careers of Chaka Kahn, Meatloaf and Billy Preston. Bob brought Ron Wood from Faces together with the Rolling Stones and collected Billy Preston as their sideman for three years of touring and recording. 

A master event planner, maestro of promotions and owner of the “largest ‘Rolodex’ in America”, Bob is a specialist as it relates to promotions and brand development. With a list of Who’s Who in his Blackberry, Bob has been able to garner brand attention with product placement on Entourage, CSI:NY and many more television shows. While associated with several companies, Bob secured a wide range of exposure through celebrity functions, red carpet events and gift bags for the Emmy presenters at high-profile venues including Access Hollywood, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, E-Entertainment, The Brent Shapiro Foundation and The Grand Concourse Car Show. 

The livethesource Mission 

People Helping People 

The livethesource Vision 

The livethesource vision is two-fold – first to create unique, pure, high-quality, healthful lifestyle products using cutting edge scientific technology, and second, to offer an opportunity to fulfill dreams by affecting positive change and life-long healthy transformation, helping people to be better – physically, spiritually and financially. 

The livethesource Story 

livethesource is a company founded on the principle of “People Helping People.” It is more than a vision, more than a mission. It is a lifestyle, that permeates the entire livethesource culture, which includes the distributor field as well as at the customer and corporate levels. People joining together to boost their physical, spiritual and financial welfare by caring for others and thereby changing their own lives. 

How can a company succeed in changing your life? The answer is an incredibly unique product that efficiently supports physical well being. It’s called Daily Source. It is an all natural nano encapsulated Multi-Vitamin, Mineral and Herbal Supplement. Daily source isn’t just a vitamin supplement. It’s a complete cocktail of health and well being. The specially selected vitamins, minerals and herbal compounds in daily source provide a substantial increase in nutritional value. First, due to their combination and second, due to nano-encapsulation. Our All Natural Patented Nanotechnology creates a particle size small enough to be absorbed with maximum efficiency. 

At the heart of this story is Ted Farnsworth. Ted, a pioneer in the antioxidant beverage business, wanted to release a superior vitamin supplement formulated with the finest and purest ingredients on earth. Research showed that combining these proven ingredients with All Natural Patented Nanotechnology would improve performance, utilization and absorption of the vitamins, minerals and herbal compounds within the product. It is this exciting, state of the art technology that elevates livethesource above so many of the run of the mill vitamin and mineral supplements available. 

Ted went on to consult with his friend and longtime business associate, Bob Ellis, about getting this special product to the masses. Bob is no stranger to success and innovation himself. In addition to helping develop the careers of music legends of Meatloaf and Chaka Kahn, Ellis remains a master of promotion and brand development. 

Farnsworth and Ellis immediately decided to fast track the project and engage the vehicle of direct marketing to get our products directly into the hands of the consumers. Ellis, who has contacts in every imaginable industry, contacted his resident experts in direct sales: John Neubauer and Paul Peccianti. 

Neubauer and Peccianti, both having long successful business backgrounds, a wall full of degrees between them and years of experience in the marketing of nutraceuticals through direct sales. Farnsworth and Ellis knew they were in good hands. 

The four scheduled an initial meeting for one hour that lasted five hours. A surge of excitement pushed the proverbial wheels into motion. Everyone got it. They understood the importance of the product and the mission of “People Helping People”. 

Now it’s your turn! 

By combining cutting edge technology, the purest and proven ingredients and a familial approach to business, livethesource gives you the opportunity and ability to market unique, healthful, recession proof, lifestyle products and be part of a company that truly cares-a company that believes that by working together, we can change lives. 

As we say: give us one year and we’ll change your life. 

The livethesource Products 


dailysource - Our Premier Productdailysource isn’t just a vitamin supplement. It’s a complete cocktail of health and well being. The specially selected vitamins, minerals and herbal compounds in dailysource provide a substantial increase in nutritional value, first, due to their combination, and second, due to nano-encapsulation. Our All Natural Patented Nanotechnology creates a particle size small enough to be absorbed with maximum efficiency. 

The prefix ‘nano’ means one-billionth, so a nano-gram is one-billionth of a gram. Nanotechnology is the increasingly popular science of the incredibly small. It overlaps into medicine, food, robotics and virtually any other high-tech system now emerging from the scientific community. 

As it applies to food and nutritional supplements, nanotechnology is now being utilized to reduce the particle size of various compounds to a relatively small size for efficient absorption. One of the best ways to create nano size particles is through encapsulation. The technology literally separates, and then envelops molecules in the active compound. There are a number of different encapsulation technologies, but the most favorable type is natural – and that’s why we’ve developed All Natural Patented Nanotechnology. 

Vitamin D Booster 

Vitamin D Booster - The Sunshine Vitaminlivethesource Vitamin D Booster is a unique nano-encapsulated Vitamin D3 supplement. Each dose provides 2000 IU of Vitamin D and in our nano-encapsulated form, the body’s ability to utilize the Vitamin D is unequaled. livethesource Vitamin D’s nano technology incorporates all natural ingredients to form unique nano-spheres that enhance absorption in several ways. The nano-spheres begin the process of Vitamin D absorption as soon as the Vitamin D liquid enters the mouth. The nano-spheres act as transport vehicles to ferry the Vitamin D through the rich supply of blood vessels under the tongue. Once the spheres enter the blood stream, the Vitamin D is slowly and consistently released to allow for maximum cellular absorption. The Vitamin D liquid that is swallowed has the added benefit of being protected from the harsh stomach environment by the nano-spheres. This allows the majority of the Vitamin D to enter the small intestine where the majority of gut digestion takes place. 

Our nano-technology also enhances gut digestion of Vitamin D because the nano-spheres increase the surface area of the Vitamin D solution thereby allowing the nutrient to spread out over more surface area of the small intestine. In addition, the nature of the nano-spheres tends to keep the substance within the nano-sphere attached to the wall of the small intestine for a longer period of time. This literally allows the body more time for full absorption to occur through the wall of the small intestine into systemic circulation. 

When you consider that Vitamin D is now recognized as a vital nutrient that affects health conditions throughout the body, the synergistic blend of greens and all of the naturally occurring nutrients, are a perfect compliment to enhance the health giving qualities of Vitamin D. Only livethesource Vitamin D Booster delivers Vitamin D in a proprietary nano-encapsulated sphere combined with the multitude of nutrients in the super greens to maximize the health benefits of this essential nutrient. 

The livethesource Business Model 

Network Marketing 

Most Popular, Fastest Growing Distribution Methodlivethesource has chosen this method of person to person selling or Multi-Level Marketing to introduce our products to the public. Multi-Level Marketing has been the most popular, fastest growing distribution method for new product entries in the past several years. This business model combines direct marketing with franchising. Multi-Level marketing businesses function by recruiting distributors to sell a product while offering additional sales commissions and bonuses based on personal sales, along with those of people recruited into your down-line. Direct sales can accomplish something most other channels cannot. The distribution of products through people from all walks of life, participating in the free enterprise system of “seizing the opportunity” to achieve goals and perhaps making dreams come true. 

livethesource offers a promising opportunity for people to reclaim their financial independence because of: 

  • Minimum start up cost
  • Work at your own pace
  • Work from home with a family oriented business
  • Surrounding yourself with people you want to work with
  • Working for and with a company whose training, operations, support and vision of “People Helping People” will change your life
  • Taking advantage of a compensation plan that allows you to earn income from at least seven different different sources
  • Gaining the benefit of an active public relations campaign through various forms of communication (media/TV/internet blogs/print) for promotion of the livethesource financial opportunity

The livethesource Compensation Plan

The livethesource compensation plan is designed to allow individuals to work at their own pace and reach financial goals that they may have only dreamed about. With livethesource, you work for yourself but not by yourself. You are surrounded by uplines and downlines that include people with experience, passion and the desire to help people. In the livethesource compensation plan, financial potential is limited only by your willingness to help people and to set goals while creating a company directed and focused business plan. 

The objective of the livethesource compensation plan is to help distributors stay active far longer than in other companies. We want the distributors to be able to earn income from the first day along with understanding how ‘People Helping People’ will truly change their lives. Our plan allows distributors to keep customers longer with customer offers, incredible products and promotions for lifestyle changes. livethesource will also provide state of the art training which will include tracks to run on, effective recruiting, People Helping People leadership training
and Diamond Summit Training for advanced leadership skills. 

Placement Feature
The Sponsor Placement Feature allows you to take first-line, personally sponsored distributors and move them, their organization and their volume, anywhere in your organization where you feel it’s most needed. The newly sponsored distributor can only be moved within the calendar month in which they join. The Sponsor Placement Feature can be found in the Distributor Back Office under “My Organization”. 

The livethesource Training

livethesource and its leadership team want you to become successful. It has been said that success is the progressive realization of a working ideal. Although important, your success is not merely a result of strong desire; success in this profession comes as a direct result from applying knowledge and information. 

The knowledge and information are a compilation from decades of industry experience. The information, while appearing very basic, will help reduce your learning curve by at least two decades. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is livethesource? livethesource is a Multi-Vitamin Mineral and Herbal Supplement made with All Natural Patented Nanotechnology. Working in combination, the specially selected vitamins, minerals and herbal compounds provide a substantial increase in nutritional value than if they were taken individually. 

What do the vitamins and minerals work in livethesource? livethesource multi-vitamin mineral product has several unique features. First and foremost, all of the vitamins, minerals and herbal food concentrates are nano-encapsulated with a pure food based encapsulation material. This encapsulation greatly enhances absorption and utilization of the active compounds. In addition the encapsulation provides a sustained release affect in the body. This helps to prevent the nutrients from being washed out of the body before they can be used. 

How do the herbs work with the vitamins/minerals in livethesource? Of the nine specially selected herbal food concentrates, three are specific to improving synergy and fighting stress, three are specific for improving the body’s immunity, and three are specific for improving heart and cardiovascular health. 

Taking the herbs alone would greatly enhance overall health and well-being. Taking these herbs along with the vitamins and minerals supplied creates an even stronger synergistic effect. All of the nutrients in the herbs enhance the effectiveness of the vitamins and minerals and the vitamins and minerals enhance the effectiveness of the herbs. 

How much livethesource should I take per day? As a dietary supplement, drink 1 fl. oz. once a day with food. For best results, hold in mouth 15 to 20 seconds before swallowing. 

What is the shelf life of livethesource? livethesource has a 2 year shelf life if unopened. Once opened the bottle should be refrigerated and consumed within 60 days. 

Is livethesource approved by the FDA? As a dietary supplement, livethesource does not need FDA approval prior to introduction into the market, livethesource is subject to existing food and dietary supplement laws, such as the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, dietary supplement good manufacturing practices, and adverse event reporting requirements. As is required by law, livethesource has established the safety and purity of all its ingredients through independent laboratory testing prior to launching livethesource. 

Is the livethesource product patented? livethesource nutritional products utilize a proprietary and patented all natural nano encapsulation material. This creates a particle size small enough to be efficiently absorbed yet not so small as to be counterproductively absorbed by the body. 

Does livethesource contain MSG? No. livethesource is free of MSG 

Does livethesource contain lactose or dairy? No. livethesource is allergen free of yeast, corn, wheat, lactose, dairy, citrus, egg, fish and nut products. It contains no sugar, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. 

Is livethesource Kosher? Yes, we are certified kosher by Triangle K. 


What is Nanotechnology?Nano means one one-billionth, so a nano-gram is one one-billiionth of a gram. Nanotechnology is the science of the incredibly small. It covers medicine, food, robotics and virtually any other high tech system. livethesource nanotechnology creates a particle size small enough to be efficiently absorbed yet not so small as to be counterproductively absorbed by the body. 

livethesource uses all- natural plant lipids are the basis of our nano encapsulation material. The food grade material not only is absorbed and recognized as a safe substance but also delivers it’s payload in a quick, safe and efficient manner. 

Our nano encapsulation helps to ensure consistency of particle size throughout the solution. In addition, a completely unique aspect of this technology is the benefit of a sustained release of active compounds. This helps to ensure a steady use and benefit to the body of whatever nutrient that is being delivered. 


Why does livethesource use Network Marketing to distribute its product? Network Marketing is the action of bringing an exciting product directly to the people who need it-faster than any other marketing method. It is the word of mouth advertising and sharing the amazing story of livethesource’s patented nanotechnology delivery system combined with pure vitamins and minerals. 

Network marketing is the vehicle where an ordinary individual building a unique, individual business with little risk to personal capital. It is the purest form of selling, person to person selling that benefits everyone involved. 

What is a livethesource distributor? A livethesource independent distributor is a person or entity that has entered into a distributor agreement with livethesource. livethesource independent distributors are able to order products fat wholesale prices and resell the products to retail customers for a profit. livethesource independent distributors are also able to recruit additional distributors and receive commissions from their product sales under livethesource’s generous compensation plan. 

How can I become a livethesource distributor? Click Here to Join! 

How old do I have to be to be a distributor? You must be 18 years of age. 

How much money can I make as a livethesource distributor? As a livethesource distributor you determine, based on your efforts and the volume of your organization, precisely how much money you will make. 

Can I purchase livethesource without being a distributor? Yes, Click Here and the company will process your order Retail Order. 

Is there a fee to become a Preferred Customer? No, there is no fee to become a Preferred Distributor. A preferred Customer receives a 10% discount off retail. You can become a Preferred Customer by signing up for the Preferred Customer Auto ship Program where the company sends your product every month. 

What is Auto-Ship? Is it mandatory? Auto-ship is the option of having livethesource deliver your selected product each month and charge you accordingly. This eliminates the hassle of having to order each month. The shipping date can be any business day, you select, of each month. You can sign up for auto-ship at any time and you can cancel auto-ship at any time. You can decide how much you want your auto-ship to be. If you are at the leadership level (Silver or higher) auto-ship is required. 

Is there a penalty if I cancel or modify my Auto-Ship? No, you may cancel your autoship at any time by contacting customer service and follow up with a fax or letter. Changes can be made within 48 hours of shipment! 

Why should I choose Auto-Ship? For your convenience and piece of mind. Auto-ship means your order is placed and delivered each month whether you remember or not! You will not miss out on qualifying for your commissions and once you reach leadership levels it is required. 

How does the compensation plan work? The livethesource compensation plan compensates distributors for their retail sales as well as for the retail sales and personal purchases of product by their downline organizations. The compensation plan rewards distributors who qualify for uni-level pay, fast start bonuses, generation pay and bonus pools. 

How many people can I sponsor? There is no limit on how many new livethesource distributors you can sponsor. Typically, livethesource distributors personally sponsor three or more people. 

One last consideration is Marketing. Most successful network marketers today are using a mix of traditional and internet marketing techniques. The key to making your business successful is to create highly-targeted leads. 

If you are interested in pursuing the livethesource business opportunity, I can show you how to utilize the power of the internet to harness success in your livethesource business venture. 

Click Here to Contact Me!

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Do You Have Blood Sugar Problems?

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health now say that consuming vitamin D and calcium may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. However, the details are a bit surprising.

The research suggests that vitamin D and calcium can indeed ward off diabetes. Oddly, the results for male subjects differed from that of female subjects. It seems as if calcium intake generally lowered the levels of C-reactive protein, but only in women. Conversely, the men with the top plasma levels of vitamin D experienced up to 20% lower concentrations of the C-reactive protein. And, vitamin D left the women mostly unaffected. What could this mean, if anything? Does this, in any way, discredit the merits of the nutrients themselves?

According to Harvard School of Public Health researchers, “The results suggest that calcium intake or systemic vitamin D status, after adjustment for intake of dairy products, is associated with decreased insulin secretion.”

According to a Dale Kiefer’s blurb in the August 2009 issue of Life Extension, “Scientists compared data obtained from men and women participating in two long-term studies of health and nutrition. Using plasma C-reactive protein as a marker for the oxidative stress associated with type 2 diabetes, investigators compared subjects’ plasma vitamin D status with total intakes of calcium and vitamin D.”

Much has been said about the benefits of essential nutrients like vitamin D and calcium. We’ve also heard about how these two work together. Milk, of course, is a primary source of both nutrients. In fact, vitamin D – one of the most valued fat-soluble vitamins in existence – actually regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the bloodstream. This helps maintain the health of the kidneys and bones primarily, but can also prevent the formation of all kinds of tumors.

In other words, add type 2 diabetes prevention to the list of job skills for both calcium and vitamin D. And the beauty part is that they can be found in so many foods and supplements on the market.

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Vitamin D Can Help Upgrade Your Brain!

It has been said that we only utilize 10 percent of our brain capacity. Although this is generally considered a myth a majority of people do sell themselves short. The article “How Much Brain Do We Use?” on provides the following analogy:

“Think of it this way. Let’s say your brain is a stereo. When you are using your stereo you are using 100% of it. Here is the “x” factor. If the volume knob is set at say a 2 level then you are not getting the same usage when compared to turning the volume knob to 8 or 10.”

Basically, much of the population’s brains are at a volume level of 2 due to nutritional deficiency that lets the brain revert to a sort of standby mode. Not to worry. A relatively recent European study shows that a little of the right vitamin supplementation can go a long way in terms of improving cognitive function.

According to “Higher Vitamin D Levels Associated With Speedier Brain Processing” by Dayna Dye in the September 2009 issue of Life Extension, “Dr. David M. Lee and his associates administered three tests of cognitive function to 3,369 men participating in the European Male Aging Study whose blood samples were analyzed for vitamin D. Men with higher vitamin D levels performed better on a test that measures psychomotor speed and visual scanning. Further analysis revealed that higher test scores were particularly associated with increased vitamin D levels in older participants.”

Laypersons often refer to the human brain as a person’s personal computer. And, it seems as if vitamin D supplements are not unlike computer upgrades – allowing for more memory and faster operation in the face of inevitable aging. In many ways, this seems to be vitamin D’s year. More and more studies have confirmed its value as an essential nutrient with extraordinary capabilities.

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Latest H1N1 Facts and What They Mean to You

You can’t avoid germs and viruses entirely! Wherever people congregate, whether it’s on airplanes, conference rooms or on a train, viruses and germs will spread!

Latest Facts

FACT: Most people who catch the H1N1 virus have recovered without needing medical treatment

This means that catching this flu is not quite as serious as once feared, unless you already have an underlying medical condition such as:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Weakened immune system
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Pregnant

FACT: The flu virus can live on surfaces for up to eight hours.

It’s likely that you’ll come in contact with H1N1 or other viruses that exist on money, door handles, keyboards and when shaking hands.

This means you need to:

  • Wash your hands often
  • Use hand sanitizer (alcohol-based)
  • Keep your fingers away from your eyes, nose and mouth

FACT: People can spread H1N1 for 24 hours before the onset of symptoms and for a number of days after symptoms appear.

This means you:

  • Stay away from others if you have the flu
  • Do not return to the workplace until you are completely fever-free for 24 hours, without the use of any fever-reducing medication.

Things You Can Do

1) Take care of yourself

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, get enough sleep, exercise and take an effective nutritional supplement.

A good multi-vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement is the foundation of health and nutrition. If you are looking for a high quality liquid multi-vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement, we suggest that you take a look at dailysource™.

2) If you do experience flu-like symptoms, stay home.

Don’t try and be a hero by showing up to work. If you have sick days available that’s exactly what they are intended for!

3) Get vaccinated

This could be your best protection against the flu. The H1N1 vaccine is being released in ever increasing amounts.

Check out the Flu Shot Locator. Input your zip code and see the seasonal and H1N1 flu vaccines for your area!

Additional Resources

World Health Organization
U.S. Centers for Disease Control
U.K. National Health Service
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Swine Flu – Scary As It Seems?

Flu activity is now widespread in 41 states. Nationwide, visits to doctors for influenza-like-illness continued to increase and are now about equal to or higher than what is seen at the peak of many regular flu seasons. In addition, flu-related hospitalizations and deaths are continuing to go up and are above what is expected for this time of year.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, October 2009

What We Know!

The flu comes in all kinds and types and it keeps on mutating. It’s larger than bacteria and attacks the respiratory system.

Flu activity is increasing in the United States with most states reporting widespread influenza activity. So far, most flu is 2009 H1N1 flu (sometimes called “swine flu”). CDC expects both 2009 H1N1 flu and seasonal flu to cause illness, hospital stays and deaths this season. CDC has recommendations on who should get vaccinated against seasonal flu and 2009 H1N1 flu.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website,  October 2009

The concern about H1N1 (Swine Flu), is that it can really get into the lungs. Most people who have passed away due to H1N1 are typically the result of pneumonia.

The Health Commission recently reported 43,000 cases of H1N1 have been documented; however, many health professionals and researchers suspect that number to be over 100,000. 

Weekly US Map: Influenza Summary Update

The President’s Counsel on Health reported beginning November 2009 thru May 2010 they predict 50% of the entire nation will end up with the flu, with 300,000 admitted into Intensive Care Unit (ICU), with up to 90,000 deaths realized. 

What Challenges that Presents

Pandemic – It’s predicted the flu is going to hit everywhere and everyone is fair game.

Mutation – The strains have changed since the 1918 pandemic.

Antibiotics – No distinct treatment available, although the CDC has sound recommendations, do your due diligence.

Immune Deficiency – American’s are nutritionally deficient. Nutrients we need are no longer available from the food we eat.

What You Can Do About the Flu!


  • Wash hands frequently and use antibacterial lotions.
  • Learn how to recognize if you might have the flu.
  • Antiviral drugs are sometimes prescribed by doctors for patients with seasonal flu.
  • Learn what you can do to help yourself recover from the flu.


  • Make sure you get proper daily nutrition and exercise regularly.
  • Learn about the world’s first and only patented fully nano-encapsulated liquid multi-vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement.
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– Additional Information from the CDC –

Information for Specific Groups

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Are You Vitamin Deficient?

The general consensus seems to be that we live in the most advanced and powerful country on the planet. We enjoy countless technological luxuries we certainly have more than enough food to eat around here.

How is it, then, that people are diagnosed with serious diseases daily – illnesses that could and should be prevented through simple vitamin supplements? 

Our bodies are designed to harness essential vitamins and minerals through a healthy diet. Milk and eggs are excellent sources of vitamin A, oats and barley contain vitamin B and citrus is good for vitamin C. I understand this is considered common knowledge, but let’s face it, the average American is unable to stick to such a regimen of healthy foods.

Plus, the combination of processed foods and environmental conditions are making traditionally healthy foods more and more nutrient deficient. Recently, British researchers even made a connection between vitamin D deficiency and the onset of multiple sclerosis – now a disease that ravages nearly 2.5 million people worldwide.

“In people with the DRB1 variant associated with multiple sclerosis, it seems that vitamin D may play a critical role,” said University of Oxford researcher Julian Knight.

Other symptoms of vitamin deficiencies can be just as vicious. A severe lack of vitamin A can cause the gradual onset of dry eye, taste impairment, the inability to heal correctly and even night blindness, for example.

As Susan M. Keenan said in her article “Are You Suffering From Vitamin Deficiency?”, “A sufficient supply of vitamin A is important for several bodily functions including healthy skin and growth, good vision, tooth formation and lactation.”

This is not to say that you can compensate for a diet of trash by merely sticking to supplements. Supplements are not a blanket solution and they can only go so far. You know your body. You know its weaknesses. Treat yourself with an appropriate vitamin supplement.

We need a streamlined and potent new system of delivery for vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. We are too advanced to be suffering so severely from mere vitamin deficiencies.

See how you can address your nutritional supplement needs by visiting to learn about the world’s first and only patented fully nano-encapsulated liquid multi-vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement.

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